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Ponce de Leon, FL, USA

Job Type

Full Time

Responsibilities & Requirements

The Project Estimator is responsible for deciding the projected time frame needed to complete a project and additional factors like labor needs, materials, budgets and potential setbacks. Their duties include communicating with personnel and contractual professionals or vendors, using computer software to weigh production risks or compile reports and making presentations to project leaders outlining their suggestions for upcoming projects.

  • Analyzing requirement documents, blueprints and project plans to gain a thorough understanding of the project

  • Determining what factors of production will influence the cost of a service or product

  • Preparing material estimates and cost estimates for the product or service

  • Creating labor estimates for any project

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with company vendors and contractors

  • Managing bids from vendors and contractors

  • Using bid data to prepare detailed a cost analysis

  • Presenting prepared estimates to management and other stakeholders

  • Compiling and recording actual costs

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